July 2014 Release Inbound

With eyes upon the apex of the extraordinary, Vyrion's Geo is set for release in July 2014 - though you can hear it before then.
Released in volumes, Geo has broken free of its own container.

Join us; follow as Geo unfurls upon the Vyrion-Geo soundcloud.


Australian Black Metal

To create a unique and individual sound, whilst being instantly recognizable, is an achievement that few bands can claim to have accomplished. Vyrion is one of these bands. A four-piece unit from Brisbane, Australia, they have successfully crafted a distinct and powerful black metal vision. Their self titled debut album is a monumental assault on the soul, a burning opus of fury, despair and hate that has received an overwhelming response from the worldwide metal community. In 2012 and beyond, Vyrion will continue to push outwards, with their inimitable sound and fierce live show earning the band an increasing level of recognition and praise with each moment of exposure.

Vyrion Self Titled


Vyrion, released in August 2011, is now available for purchase on bandcamp in both digital and physical formats.

Name your price for a digital copy of the album in FLAC, high bitrate MP3 or just about any other format you can think of.

For $10, plus postage and handling, you can get a physical copy of the 52 minute epic delivered to you.

Click here to listen / purchase on Bandcamp


Words From The Bitten

Angry Metal Guy: 4.5/5
"After only a few minutes of listening, I knew this was something special. Across the length of this interesting creature are myriad surprises, twists and turns and the end result is an exceptionally well done and very heavy slice of innovation. For those who regard black metal as a static art form, immune to the fickle influences of time and trend, this will be like a loathsome disease."

Sputnik Music: 4.5/5
"Black metal is dead. I had given up on the genre except for a few old stalwarts who would continue producing excellent material. Then these Australian bastards show up and show me how very wrong I was."

Metal Splatter: 4/5
Vyrion fluidly slips in and out of the curves of genre definition with deft mastery that would leave most seasoned bands in stupefying envy... So much so, that one becomes dizzy trying to decipher what the heck is going on and why oh why does it works so incredibly well. Their influences show up on songs like “Mortal Frame” and "Winter Vector" with cues from Immortal, Emperor and Opeth.

Sorrow Eternal: 8/10
"Vyrion has some impressive sounds to offer. The album is very diverse both instrumentally and vocally. The change from evil screaming to low wicked growling along with some clean singing keeps you hooked through each track as you're waiting for what is coming next. Definitely check these guys out if you're looking for some solid black metal music."